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Supporting the Swim: Progea and The Longest Swim team up to tackle environmental sustainability and the Pacific Ocean in Ben Lecomte’s 5500-mile swim.

Progea is sponsoring The Longest Swim, Ben Lecomte’s solo swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco in the name of scientific research and sustainability.

“Ben’s journey is perfectly in line with the environmental and sustainability values we uphold in our business. We are proud to support his swim and the scientific and environmental research it brings.”

—Charles Summers, Principal/CEO, Progea

DALLAS, TEXAS — October 3 2016

Ben Lecomte is stepping back into his wetsuit and tackling his second ocean: The Pacific. Sponsored by Global Environmental Consulting firm Progea and a host of other sponsors and partners, Lecomte will be raising awareness of the ever-growing environmental and sustainability issues facing our planet and contributing to oceanic and medical research by swimming across the Pacific Ocean in The Longest Swim.

The Longest Swim is a world-record-setting athletic achievement, a science expedition and a chance to raise global awareness for environmental sustainability as well as our impact on the ocean and the life it supports. And it marks the second cross-ocean swim for Lecomte, who is Progea’s Associate Director of Sustainability. In 1998, he was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard.

“Ben’s journey is perfectly in line with the environmental and sustainabilty values we uphold in our business,” said Progea CEO and Principal Charles Summers.
“We are proud to support his swim and the scientific and environmental research it brings.”

Swimming 8 hours a day for 6 months, Lecomte will be escorted by Discoverer, a 67-foot steel hulled sailing yacht, and 6 crew members who will mark his GPS location when he breaks for the day and bring him back to the exact spot to dive back in the next morning.

“I want to use swimming to show people that their everyday behaviors have a direct impact on the environment, even in the middle of the ocean” said Lecomte. “More importantly, I want individuals to realize they can make small changes to create a big difference.”

Ben and his crew will collect samples along the way to support the oceanic and medical research of The Longest Swim’s scientific partners: Argonne, IEEM, NASA, MBL, SEA, University of Chicago, University of Montana, University of Texas, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Leading up to the big splash in Spring 2017, the crew is working on the delivery of the Discoverer from the UK to the California coast, where Ben will get in the water and try his equipment in real conditions this winter. You can follow their preparations online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the Longest Swim website.

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