We all want to build a better world for future generations. As environmental consultants, Progea assesses and minimizes your company’s environmental impact & risks to create a more sustainable climate for your business and the world around it.

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We are a global environmental & sustainability consulting firm.

At Progea, we assess our client’s exposure to environmental, heath & safety, reputational, social, and sustainability issues and help to mitigate environmental risks and liabilities. Even though we operate on the global stage, we are continually focused on the unique local knowledge it takes to satisfy regulators in a particular state or country.

Progea’s vision & expertise reach far beyond environmental consulting to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility consulting — giving you the competitive edge of this ever-growing movement and enabling your business to take its place on the global CSR & sustainability stage.

Conquering the Pacific

Conquering the pacific

Follow Progea Associate Director of Sustainability Ben Lecomte from Tokyo to San Francisco as he swims across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness for environmental sustainability. Progea is proud to sponsor Ben on his journey.

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Ben Lecomte, ready to conquer the Pacific Ocean

Dallas, November 25th of 2015- Progea, a firm that provides expert environmental and sustainability consulting services to various industries, is sponsoring The Longest Swim.

The Longest Swim is a challenge initiated by Ben Lecomte. In 1998, he was the first man to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, a challenge that he conquered to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. This year, Ben Lecomte has decided to swim across the Pacific Ocean, an even greater distance, in support of the Climate Group and sustainability. His goal is to swim a total of 5,500 miles over approximately six months. His journey will start in Tokyo, Japan and will end in San Francisco.

The public will be able to follow the swim thanks to Progea’s website and Ben’s social media coverage which will be continuously updated from the middle of the Pacific Ocean regarding the conditions and the challenges encountered by Ben Lecomte.


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