Taking stock of the risks

Environmental Sustainability Consulting Services

Environmental and sustainability consulting involves unique challenges. At Progea, we provide efficient solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide. Our diverse scope of expertise and vast experience enable us to provide the most accurate assessments in the industry, as well as aggressive solutions and risk quantifications.

At Progea, we assess our client’s exposure to environmental, heath & safety, reputational, social, and sustainability issues and help to mitigate environmental risks and liabilities. Even though we operate on the global stage, we are continually focused on the unique local knowledge it takes to satisfy regulators in a particular state or country.

Progea’s vision & expertise reach far beyond environmental consulting to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility consulting — giving you the competitive edge of this ever-growing movement and enabling your business to take its place on the global CSR & sustainability stage.

Our team brings its extensive expertise to every project it tackles — to address environmental risks head-on in a tailor-made solution. We deliver customized due diligence deliverables for any type of transaction, whether it be a single asset acquisition/disposition or a several thousand-asset portfolio. The Progea team is well versed in the environmental backdrops of countries around the globe. We deliver a region and country-specific approach to every environmental diligence project we tackle.