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Facility Condition Assessments

At ProGEA we are able to utilize the extensive knowledge of our staff in relation to facilities to undertake both Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) and Maintenance and Operational Reviews (MORs). These types of assessment are similar in nature and focus on the future capital and maintenance expenditures at facilities or real estate portfolios owned by Clients. Typical clients utilizing these services comprise of public entities such as Federal and State Agencies, in addition to local municipalities, and large corporations who own and/or operate property portfolios. The aim these assessments is to analyze the condition of each facility, provide future capital and maintenance expenditure plans. This then allows ProGEA to provide advice as to how to maintain and improve the subject facilities, in line with the clients mission and objectives, whether those needs be fiscal, environmental, operational or any other client driven objective. We work with each client throughout the process to understand budgets, mission criticality of certain systems and other drivers to prioritize our findings which assists clients direct funding. .

We work closely with all involved stakeholders, including the property management and maintenance teams to better understand the issues, listen to any concerns, and where applicable utilize these discussions to better formulate our recommendations. Each project has individual benefits, but typically our reports assist in providing better cash flow/budgeting in regard to maintenance and capital spending, an improved knowledge of the facility and improved maintenance procedures.

During the project set-up we work closely with each client to understand how such a report can best benefit them, while considering their budget and timescales. It is always our aim for our report to be of maximum value to each client, and for it to aid better capital expenditures and maintenance focused decisions in the future.