Taking stock of the risks

Technical Due Diligence

Lending from our skills ascertained undertaking technical assessments, such as Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), our skilled team of assessors also undertake assessments of Technical Due Diligence (TDD). These assessments typically take place when a client, often from the Corporate Real Estate sector requires an assessment of a building or part of building, which they are considering leasing. At times we assess multiple tenant spaces during the same assessment, in order for a client to better analyze which property best meets their requirements These reports assist clients in understanding potential risks and expenditures in order for the proposed space/building to meet their standards. .

TDD assessments consider both the proposed tenant space and also the core building systems which would impact the tenant’s operations. Our review will typically include a review of all core building systems and elements, including but not limited to site systems; structures, exteriors and roofing; interiors, fire and life safety, elevators and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. In addition to providing an understanding of the condition and type of systems, we can also provide an overview of building system capacities (such as cooling and electrical), a review security systems, environmental issues and a spatial analysis of the tenant space to ensure that the proposed tenant space adequately sized for the future tenant workforce. We are able to provide standardized technical due diligence checklists, which are reviewed with each client, to ensure that their bespoke needs are met. We have also previously utilized client specific checklists during our TDD assessments. The TDD reports are often utilized as a basis to further develop design of tenant fit-out and also assist in leasing negotiations.