Environmental site assessment
Environmental Transaction Consulting Service

Progea helps ensure a smooth transaction process by providing international social, structural and environmental transaction consulting services for:

  • real estate transactions
  • loan acquisitions
  • infrastructure projects
  • corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • private equity investments
  • oil and gas leases and acquisitions
  • divestitures
  • post-deal integration

In the US, we adhere to the current ASTM Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment standard for most of our assessments, ensuring that our clients are afforded the landowner liability protections provided under CERCLA and AAI, while taking into account the different regulations in the various states. In addition, we provide client-specific reporting and due diligence assessments for those projects that do not require ASTM standard reports.

Internationally, our teams know that each transaction — in any region— has its own set of environmental diligence needs, risk tolerance and ultimate goals. That’s why we tailor each due diligence approach to fulfill the needs of that specific client and transaction, in order to maximize our clients’ success and minimize their risk and liability.